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Weekly One-Task Planner 2018

Dimensions: 110mm x 210mm
DKK 210.00

SLIM Size = Traveler’s Notebook Standard size.

Focus on what’s most important, one day at a time.

Soumkine designed the weekly one-task planner to solve the problem of having it too much. Every spread features a week on one page with just enough space for ONE thing — the most important thing — under each day, and a facing page left open for the other stuff that tends to crowd in. The design is minimalistic and clutter-free, designed to be easy on the eyes.

You can’t say no to everything, but the Weekly One-Task Planner by Soumkine is the perfect tool to help you remember the things that are really worth saying yes.

Comes with a set of 2 separate notebooks, one for 6 months, so you don’t have to carry too much with you.

Each and every item is thoroughly inspected at every stage of creation to ensure that it is fitted, cut, bound and finished to the highest standard.

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