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Poster – This is Nørrebro Edition

Dimensions: A2
DKK 300.00 DKK 190.00

Product Description

“Soul of City” is the popular poster collection by HAMIDE design studio and already includes København, Vesterbro and Christianhavn.

The collection is about the designers perception of Copenhagen and its culture. Discovering the city, they observe its patterns, look for the key words and elements they find unique. The “Soul of City” includes already several posters of Copenhagen and its famous districts such as Vesterbro and Christianshavn.

However, one of the most colorful neighborhoods of Copenhagen was missing, and it was time to pay a tribute to Nørrebro.

“This is Nørrebro” was composed using its most interesting landmarks as key words. That’s how the sisters speak about their creative process : “We cycled through its streets, smelled its air and looked for the soul of Nørrebro!”

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