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Pleasure Garden, Issue 2

Dimensions: 210 pgs, 36 × 28 cm
DKK 200.00

“Our path into the Pleasure Garden continues with Issue Two and escapism is provided on many levels. The posters of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens capture the magic and fantasy of the 174-year-old Danish institution. Marton Perlaki disappears into the wintery parks of Budapest, inspiring Judit Hevesi’s words on a love story that may have been.

Our icon is Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown—the well-known 18th-century landscape designer who defined the English style. Kate Felus introduces the man and his achievements, academic Tom Williamson sets Brown’s work in the context of the time, whilst Tom Johnson and Luke Edward Hall share their experiences of a weekend away at Stowe—one of England’s finest 18th-century landscape gardens.

Stella Scott talks to artist David Harrison about the magic of the garden and London’s lost wild spaces. The stalwarts of winter are exposed for all their beauty in Winter Flowers by Jo Metson Scott and James McGrath. And we meet the founders of Régimes des Fleurs Alia Raza and Ezra Woods to discuss Los Angeles as a garden and their world of scents.” – Pleasure Garden

Plus photography from Dario Catellani, Mel Bles and Clara Balzary.

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