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New Terrain III, fotomontage på håndformet aluminium. 80x140 cm. 35.000 (gulv)
New Terrain IINew Terrain I, fotomontage på håndformet aluminium, led lys. 35.000 (væg)

New Terrain

New Terrain is a collaboration between visual artist Miriam Nielsen 
and designer Laura Faurschou.

The New Terrain Series consists of a number of sculptural works 
that explore the landscape as an idea - somewhere between the 
organic and the man-made.
Miriam Nielsen and Laura Faurschou each relate to their raw 
material, and through the processing of the material, 
create material works that appear as flat and spatial 
form at the same time. 
The aluminum reflects the subject and space in a reduced or 
new version, where shapes are distorted and appear dreamlike. 
The viewer will capture the subjects differently as he / she 
moves around the work.

New Terrain I, 
photomontage on hand-made aluminum, LED light. 2018 (wall). 
35,000 dk 

New Terrain II, 
photomontage on hand-made aluminum. 2018 (window). 
40,000 dk

New Terrain II, 
photomontage on hand-made aluminum. 2018 (wall). 
32,000 dk
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