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MOODS by Katrine Martensen-Larsen

DKK 349.00
Katrine Martensen-Larsen is a graduate of the Copenhagen Business School. In 2003 she founded KML Design and today is one of Bo Bedre's permanent interior designers, and contributor of a number of Danish and International design magazines. Photos by Kira Brandt.
The book's philosophy is that you can first create a personal home when you have the right mood. The book offers inspiration to create your personal interior style featuring nine different homes.
Katrine says about the book: In Denmark we have the tradition of spending a lot of resources on our home and interior. The cold, dark and long winter means many hours spent indoor. But even though we have a long design tradition, most people live the same. It is remarkable that so many people live in such impersonal style, in homes similar to exhibitions, which in no way highlight who lives in them. In the book, I suggest how to find your own personal home style using the moodboard tool. I show how to make moodboards, explaining what they can be used for and how to work with them. 
I also invite you to the interior of nine beautiful Nordic homes to illustrate a number of decorative poins, where the common denominator is that the owners have managed to create mood and personality. 


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