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Important Magazine

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With a focus on unhindered and personal submissions revolving around a given theme, IMPORTANT MAGAZINE seeks to shine a transformative light on matters close to the heart of contemporary artists, photographers, scientists, chefs, animals, writers and spiritual beings. The aim is to bring the contributors a new platform where they can freely explore subjects outside their natural habitat and also put a more personal angle up front.


The first issue:

The first issue of IMPORTANT MAGAZINE is bringing light into important matters and sharing esoteric subjects at large. All contributors were free to interpret the theme, some quite abstractly exploring the undercurrent and what lays beneath and others working directly with light and fire.

Alexander Tovborg speaks very powerfully about the resurrection of the symbol and the worship of mammon and we proudly feature an original artwork made for this inaugural first issue.

In a Q&A with Mister Frieda, the parrot living with artist Cindy Sherman, important matters such as favorite words, nuts, and holiday destinations are shared with great generosity.

Photographer Hasse Nielsen and stylist Nathalie Schwer have explored the portal in the mind of a young woman on a journey through an evocative forest all dressed in bespoke paper dresses by designer Cecilie Bahnsen exclusively made for this story.

Henrik Alm & Nicole Walker from Berlin, portrays a duo of modern females, exploring bodies and their behavior on their own terms for themselves only.

Writer and horror aficionado, Susanne Madsen from London, digs deep into her fascination, and artist Troels Carlsen contributes with disquieting images.

Mary Lennox brings iridescent light onto nature’s most valued botanicals with Becca Crawford, while Rose Theodora shares her knowledge from above on the forthcoming year with her forecasting horoscopes.

Artist Ann Sophie von Bülow has visited Eileen Gray’s villa E-1027 and reflects upon the writings on the walls.

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