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ICHI TITANIUM Espresso spoon

DKK 120.00


Like ICHI MATTE the TITANIUM range is forged from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, and has a unique finish of black titanium with a touch of silky softness. ICHI Titanium is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, since Titanium shares many of the precious metal’s properties, and can not cause allergies.

Over the years a fine patina will occur in the black titanium coating. The coating may be damaged in the dishwasher, we therefore recommend that the cutlery is washed up by hand.


The spoon has a flat base, which makes it suitable for more dense food, and like the fork the spoon can slice the food without mashing it.

The special soup spoon has a deep circular cup that makes it possible to drink rather than slurp. The handle is more upright to make it easier to eat from a bowl with a high rim.

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