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DKK 2,400.00

The Matte dinner set contains 4×4 pieces

ICHI MATTE is forged from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, and the knife blades are made of Japanese martensitic steel.


The broad hollow handle provides a safe and comfortable grip and low weight. The blade is broad as well and the curved edge gives optimal cutting quality. It is thin and sharp for perfect cutting and spreading.


The fork is designed with a relatively flat spoon-shaped base that holds meat, vegetables and sauce. The shape of the fork head fits the shape of a plate making it easy to pick up the food – also fluids.The middle prongs are longer and ideal for spearing and the edges can be used for parting or slicing without mashing the food.

The middle prong of the pastry fork is longer as well to make it easier to break a cake.


The spoon has a flat base, which makes it suitable for more dense food and like the fork the spoon can slice the food without mashing it. The special soup spoon has a deep circular cup that makes it possible to drink rather than slurp. The handle is more upright to make it easier to eat from a bowl with a high rim.

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