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03 HJERMIND #6 steel off_lowres
02 HJERMIND#6 steel on_lowres01 HJERMIND #6 black off_lowres08 HJERMIND #6 & #7 steel off_lowres

Hjermind Six Lamp

Dimensions: h 21 cm
Material: porcelain, stainless steel
DKK 2,500.00

Hjermind SIX and SEVEN are two handmade porcelain lamps.

Can be bought alone, but will really thrive in the company of SEVEN.

The lamps were created by the talented architect Simon Hjermind Jensen and made in his studio i Nordhavn in Copenhagen. Simon graduated from Danish Kusntakademiets Arkitekstskole in 2007.

The SIX stands on 6 steel feet made of bicycle needles, which make it very danish.

Handmade porcelaine shade creates a cute organic shape, full of character, adding a personal touch to your interior.




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