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Girls like us

Dimensions: 28 × 21 cm
DKK 100.00

We want a future outside of straight time. A future in which all our friends and lovers and their lovers are coming over for dinner around a table we built together. We want a future that is fair, fun, furry, fabulous, fierce, free and not fucked up. We want futures.

We want a future in which state violence and violence in general are deeply retrograde. A future in which we have dismantled the harsh economic systems that govern our lives and loves. We want a future of cohabitation and self-governance. A future that sees and acknowledges emotional labour. We want a future that understands the reality of being broke, of being evicted, of being talked down to, of being ignored. We want a future that embraces weakness, where we come together, where we can lean on each other and stand strong. We want a future that is not afraid of difference, and that doesn’t forget to dance once in a while. We want a future of diverse temporalities. A feminist clock. A future that rethinks speed. We want a future that honours all of its pasts, presents and futures. We want a future for hugs and hands and sunshine and islands and collective intelligence. We want our future organized differently. And can you throw in time travel, too?

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