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Gesso Side Table (low) – Ochre

Dimensions: h 39 ø49
Color: burnt orange
Material: recycled limestone with bioglue
DKK 4,100.00

The Gesso Side Table is handmade and unique, made of a compostable stone material developed by Jonas Edvard.

The Gesso material was invented and developed by Jonas Edvard. It is composed of limestone, bio-glue and natural pigment. Gesso is the world’s first compostable stone material. The limestone comes from the fossilized remains of a 65-million-year-old coral reef located in Faxe, Denmark. Today, coral and bryozoan limestone is quarried at Faxe, used mainly for cement and fertilizer. Limestone is a highly versatile material that is used to perform a wide range of functions, from toothpaste to smoke scrubbers. Calcium, which is the main component of limestone, is a key building block in human and animal bones, and by creating furniture in this material Jonas Edvard aims to illustrate how consumers can play an active role in bringing about a sustainable lifestyle.

The Gesso Side Table is part of Jonas Edvard’s ongoing Gesso project. All products are handmade and unique. Made in Copenhagen, Denmark

The colour of exhibition model on sale is on the small photo, burnt orange

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