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Format Light

Dimensions: L315 W125 H315 mm
Color: Blackish blue and orange-red, powder coated
Material: Laser cut and welded steel plate
DKK 2,995.00

Format Light was designed by a young Norwegian designer Martin Høgh Olsen as a first product of a series of lights inspired by nordic architecture.

The lamps embody buildings, or fragments of buildings, and kindles a play with the elements of volume, light and shadow. It can be used as a desk lamp, a children’s lamp or simply serve as decoration.

Format Light was first launched at London Design Fair in September 2016.

A new design by a new architect/designer will be presented each year.

The 2016 edition renders a slim volume with a pointy roof, giving off a warm glow through its openings.

The lamp comes with a 3W LED module with a magnet, that is easily attached on the inside of the lamp. The cord is 140 cm long, and is delivered with a USB plug and a wall adapter plug (EU).
On/off switch. Non dimmable.

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