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Face Blanket

Material: Felt, flannel

Face Blanket

DKK 290.00

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The average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. Why not to spend all those hours in extra comfort?

Ööloom’s face blankets, or sleep masks, are hand made from natural felt and soft flannel, guarding your sleep and inspiring your dreams.
Ööloom face blankets are quite unisex – worn with pride by both men and women. Its one-size-fits-most design covers the range of most common human head sizes.
Wash your face before you go to bed. Your ööloom face blanket will appreciate it. If you must, then hand wash. Or better yet, give it to your mum, she’ll know what to do.
You may experience some side effects – sleepiness, darkness, an undescribable sense of security.

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