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E27 Wall Light | Brass (S)

Dimensions: H72, Ø100 mm, 2500 mm black textile cord with EU plug, on/off switch
Material: Electroplated Brass, Black cord
DKK 425.00

Frama E27 collection has an industrial and straightforward look. Best combined with various decorative bulbs. The wall light comes in a variety of refined finishes with different graphical and metal approaches.  It is also available in White, Black, Grey, Bronze and Copper. Prices may vary.

The light bulb is sold separately. Contact us for more information.

Same of the metals in the Frama collection are left untreated to allow for a natural patina to develop over time. See below to keep these beautiful signs of aging, or polish them away. All collection pieces are far indoor use.

Cleaning Powder coated/electroplated metals:

To clean powder coated and electroplated lighting, use a soft brush (non abrasive) or cloth, and a mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits. Then use a clean, soft cloth to dry the piece. Never use harsh detergents.

Textile Cords:

Avoid contact with liquid and cleaning soap. Use a brush or cloth to remove dirt from the textile cord.
Avoid direct sunlight and sharp items.
Do not cut the textile cords by yourself, let a licensed electrician perform length adjust-ments.


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