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WALL Balloon Lamp by Estiluz

Dimensions: Wall sconce: 344 mm x 260 mm / Flush Mount: 335 mm x 260 mm
Color: Bulb: fluorescent E27 20W
Material: satinated translucent polyethylene
DKK 2,000.00 DKK 995.00

Product Description

The Balloon lamp designed by Estiluz,  inspired by the memory of letting a balloon slip through your fingers and drift off into the wind. The Balloon lamp rest on the ceiling or the wall and brings light in a creative way to your room.

Available as a wall sconce.

The Ballon lamp provides direct and indirect light. Shade is made of satinated translucent polyethylene and pull switch in the cord which may be disconnected. It has a three-position switch with background light, pilot light (LED nightlight 0,5W) and off.

Overall, the Wall balloon lamp uniquely spices up any space, not to mention projects great light.


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