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Casagami CastleDKK 65.00
RobinDKK 2,750.00
Beard OilDKK 185.00
Emotional Baggage canvas pouchDKK 185.00
The Alphabetical #2DKK 335.00
Tie & ApronDKK 350.00 DKK 250.00
Add More Clothes RackDKK 399.00
Le 15, limited edition, extrait de parfumDKK 1,200.00
Emotional Baggage ToteDKK 360.00
The Best Is Back printDKK 250.00
Tea Light HolderDKK 225.00
Hinken flowerpotDKK 139.00
Seeds of Virtue
CombDKK 70.00
Mini porcelain plateDKK 270.00
Tap Candle Holder
Je t’aime NotebookDKK 70.00
Tail wing blackDKK 299.00
Serving PlateDKK 300.00
Tail wing hook oakDKK 299.00
Aurore NomadeDKK 1,275.00
Hide Away ShelfDKK 1,995.00
Hinken flowerpotDKK 90.00
Tip Candle HolderDKK 249.00
Face BlanketDKK 290.00
Shadow MobileDKK 995.00
Cultural Memory GameDKK 185.00
Magnolia BowlDKK 530.00
Planet lampDKK 4,979.00
Oil & Dressing PitcherDKK 450.00
VaseDKK 1,695.00
Hinken flowerpotDKK 125.00
One TreeDKK 2,495.00
Top Candle HolderDKK 499.00
De Baschmakoff PerfumeDKK 745.00


Here is our hand-picked selection of designer accessories for you and your home.

SUEÑO blanketDKK 1,995.00


Here is our hand-picked selection of designer accessories for you and your home.

SUEÑO blanketDKK 1,995.00

Casagami Castle

DKK 65.00


DKK 2,750.00

Beard Oil

DKK 185.00

Emotional Baggage canvas pouch

DKK 185.00

The Alphabetical #2

DKK 335.00

Tie & Apron

DKK 350.00 DKK 250.00

Add More Clothes Rack

DKK 399.00

Le 15, limited edition, extrait de parfum

DKK 1,200.00

Emotional Baggage Tote

DKK 360.00

The Best Is Back print

DKK 250.00

Tea Light Holder

DKK 225.00

Hinken flowerpot

DKK 139.00

Seeds of Virtue


DKK 70.00

Mini porcelain plate

DKK 270.00

Tap Candle Holder

Je t’aime Notebook

DKK 70.00

Tail wing black

DKK 299.00

Serving Plate

DKK 300.00

Tail wing hook oak

DKK 299.00

Aurore Nomade

DKK 1,275.00

Hide Away Shelf

DKK 1,995.00

Hinken flowerpot

DKK 90.00

Tip Candle Holder

DKK 249.00

Face Blanket

DKK 290.00

Shadow Mobile

DKK 995.00

Cultural Memory Game

DKK 185.00

Magnolia Bowl

DKK 530.00

Planet lamp

DKK 4,979.00

Oil & Dressing Pitcher

DKK 450.00


DKK 1,695.00

Hinken flowerpot

DKK 125.00

One Tree

DKK 2,495.00

Top Candle Holder

DKK 499.00

De Baschmakoff Perfume

DKK 745.00

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