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October 10, 2018

If you happen to be in Copenhagen during the Culture Night, you have the chance to see its hidden gems, visit buildings and institutions usually unreachable, but mostly to experience the city life at its most creative and magical.

Here are our pics from this year’s program.

First stop of course for our Friday drinks and finissage of the exhibition New Terrain, to put you in the right mood with a glass of vodka-tonic (4-6 pm). And then we suggest to first have a look at what is going on in our Frederiksberg.

The Old Veterinary school in Frederiksberg

At the old veterinary school you are invited to an evening of exciting lectures, dissections and guided tours. Discover The Zoologic Collection, hear about the parasites, bones and DNA, talk to a veterinary student and learn more about the school’s research and history. The Old Stables Buildings will also be open for the first time, where you can enjoy hot drinks and a piece of cake in the atmospheric surroundings. A nice inspiration for Halloween!

18:00 – 22:00 

KU – Veterinærskolen, Frederiksberg Campus
Grønnegårdsvej 7 1870 Frederiksberg C


Danish Freemasons

Don’t miss the chance to visit and get insight into the world of Freemasons.
Freemasons is one of the world’s oldest “non-ecclesiastical” brotherhoods. It is a society of men who deal with the spiritual values of existence, and who try to improve their own moral conduct.
Frimurerhuset, Smallegade 33 in Frederiksberg still forms the framework for the work for 10 Copenhagen loges, which it has done since the 4 March 1923.

18:00 – 22:30

Det Danske Frimurerlaug
Smallegade 33 2000 Frederiksberg


OK CORRAL vernissage Johanne Rude Lindegaard

Still in Frederiksberg, stop by the vernissage of Johanne Rude Lindegaard “Your Mental Garage”at our friends OKCorrall gallery.
Painting is pushed to the edges in Johanne Rudes solo exhibition. Two giant paintings over 3 metres will stand from floor to ceiling and create new spaces and perspectives in OK Corral. The paint spreads from the canvas to the edges, back side and walls, where it meets with smaller works by Johanne Rude. Find some of Johanne’s works also at SIRIN.


OK CORRAL Rolighedsvej 9, 1958 Frederiksberg


Kulturcentret ASSISTENS

Direction Nørrebro – unmissable Assistens with always surprising presentation in the dark cemetery, behind the creaking gates. This time it will be a series of Shakespeare’s major women portraits featuring scenes from the classics Antonius and Cleopatra, Richard III and Othello, an evening for the whole family (kids will love it!) at the historic cemetery where you can experience classical plays, stand-up at the square, and Shakespeare special tours.

18:00 – 23:00

Kulturcentret ASSISTENS
Kapelvej 4, 2200 København N


Institut français

Institut français participates in Kulturnatten 2018 with art, short films, French tests and of course cheese and wine! Hard to miss. Also with the exhibition of the photographer Francois Debains  “Copenhague en développement – un regard français” / “København i udvikling – set med franske øjne”. The exhibition contains a larger selection of his beautiful, colorful photographs of Copenhagen’s less touristy corners and alleys.


Institut Français du Danemark, Studiestræde 5, 1455 Copenhagen


Det Kongelige theater

Always magic, we love.
Behind the scenes at The Royal Theater, when the national scene opens the doors for a special evening at the theater. Both the Opera, the Theater and the Old Scene have made an exciting program which, among other things, offers a unique insight into the life behind the scenes and a taste of our art forms.


 One Thousand Books 2018

This year’s edition of One Thousand Books celebrates the release of the publication Danish Artist’s Books After The Financial Crisis, Sorted By Length of Title, published by Lodret Vandret. The publication is an extensive collection of information about the Danish self-publishing scene from the period of 2011–2018.
For the evening Annual Reportt will transform into a functional newsstand/bar to celebrate the release of the publication and the self-publishing scene in general, it’s actors, their friends and readers.
Good company guaranteed, all are welcome!

17:00 – 22:00
Annual Reportt, Åboulevard 44, 2200 Copenhagen

And much much more 🙂

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