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July 27, 2018


Everybody knows that Copenhagen is a hot gastronomic destination, and shows no sign of slowing down. That’s why the Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival (24.08-02.09), a 10 day gathering celebrating creative and innovative ways of making and tasting food, should be in every foodie’s calendar. More than 100 unique events are held all around the city meaning there’s something for every one! From intimate dinners with world renowned Danish chefs to thousands of guests attending an arty food happening, you will be sure to find something for your taste.

Check out some of our favourite events (which are not sold out yet!) where you’ll be sure to find us!


This already already became a city tradition when Frederiksberg Allé is closed and transformed into a beautiful and very hygge folk gathering. With a 500m long table seating 1400 it’s a great opportunity to enjoy and celebrate food and drinks – between countryside and town. Bring your own group of friends, or make new ones at the big communal table – this dinner is the must in the life of our neighbourhood.                                                                                                                                                                                         

SOIL, MAGIC and FOOD – Vegetable Festival

Taste and buy fresh vegetables and chat with local farmers. There will be a chance to participate in workshops, ask questions, share and gain some veggie knowledge and listen to inspirational speeches. You can even get a consultation with a vegetable coach. For all vegetarians and the ones in the making.


Chance to create delicious three course menu while enjoying snacks and local beer to keep the atmosphere and mood right. When the food is ready, enjoy it in a great company at a communal dinner. We have already tried Copenhagen Cooking Class and we can only highly recommend it! The best food and city experience if you are in Copenhagen!


Have you ever wanted to make your own ice cream?

Fun fact – It is happening at our old and lovely location in Nørrebro, and we will be happy to join Janne who opened there her amazing ice cream shop Something Frozen.

Learn how to use different ingredients both the ones we normally associate with ice cream and the unusual ones, and you will be able to make your own ice cream even if you don’t have the ice cream maker. And the big plus – your ice cream will be made with the thought of “reducing food waste” in mind.


In our store we are getting more and more serious about recycling and avoiding waste, and we can imagine that it is even more important in food related businesses. That’s why this dinner in one of our favourite Frederiksberg restaurants has caught our eye.

The lovely restaurant is hosting a sustainable dinner with wonderful company. They have organized a surprise, well prepared 4 course gourmet menu using their surplus produce from different farmers and food chains. Dinner will be served family style at a long table.


The new cultural hub KU.BE will be hosting an Indian wedding dinner, where Fozia Ahmeh will be introducing us to traditional indian dishes such as chutney, masoor and more. Combined with the dinner which is shared at a long table, Fozia will also be reading passages from authors such as Salman Rushdi and Arundhati Roy.

Come experience this new cultural spot in Frederiksberg – KU.BE, which is worth a special mention for its architecture by Dutch/Danish team MVRDV/ADEPT.



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