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So it goes : Observations & Distortions by Mishael Phillip

June 8, 2018

We are happy to invite you to the opening of the photography exhibition “Observation & Distortion” by
Mishael Phillip Fapohunda.

Subjects begin to show elements of knowingness, staunchness & surreality as they remain, age & gather experience within the spaces they reside. Mishael captures these subjects at stages thoughout these iterative processes to bring the series, ‘So it goes: Observations & distortions’.

Mishael’s curiosity in regards to his photographic subjects tend not to discriminate. His fascination with flora and its organically imperfect protrusions often extend to the observations made in his street photography and portraiture. Tending towards capturing elements of oddity in everyday situations and highlighting the surreality they naturally possess or purposefully veiling these observations with his techniques of distortion.



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