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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

April 29, 2016

We have decided to shake up our perfect design universe and are proud to present our first in situ installation by artist Silas Inoue, opening the 29th of April.

Silas Inoue (b.1981) works with aesthetics in which boundaries between nature and culture dissolve, and time is considered in a perspective beyond humanity’s existence on Earth. Using different media he creates images and installations that swim, crawl and grow.



Mi Casa Es Su Casa

There exists immense amounts of different mould species, they vary in structure and size, and come in a wide variety of shades and colours. Silas Inoue makes use of this picturesque potential by cultivating them on wooden plates. For safety reasons the moulds has been hermetically enclosed by acrylic glass, and can be observed without danger from their harmful spores.

Most people who are acquainted with mould are aware of its potential dangers, such as the health issues or property damage they can cause. For obvious reasons nobody wants these organisms in their home, which is exactly why SIRIN makes the perfect place for exhibiting these works. The exhibition takes place at this interior design store, whose range consists of beautiful designer furniture, accessories, and other objects for the home. All objects and furniture have been cleared out from the store, transforming it into a temporary venue for the exhibition and presenting the mould in a setting usually associated with the perfect home.

The same contrary logic applies to the piles of dirt that form a special landscape inside the store. This installation serves as habitat for living fossils that have existed since prehistoric times, such as horsetail plants and triops. Triops are primordial crustaceans whose eggs have the special ability of being able to lay dormant for decades when dry. This is one of the reasons why the triops haven’t succumbed to the great mass extinctions through the planet’s history. Today triop eggs are sold as grow-kits for indoor use, as they are easy to distribute, and like mould can survive under very extreme conditions. Various unconventional materials have thus been put together to create an imagery that literally is alive, and moves in and out of domains and time.



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